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The Champion Puppy Training Podcast
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designed to be put in action.  

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You have one crack at raising a dog correctly and that is as a puppy. You should feel like this is a temporary season of opportunity. These resources are here for you to consume voraciously for a short period of time. Now is the time to immerse yourself in this best in the industry knowledge.  

Hit it hard now, achieve what you set out to do and enjoy a transformed dog with life skills and manners for the next 10 years plus!

Apply the Champion Puppy Training System with an unwavering drive and you will find my information invaluable.
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Discover what you need to know about Developing a Champion 
WANT MY 1:1  HELP?  I will walk you through your ownership journey step-by-step giving you a personalized blueprint for success.
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Want some FREE resources?
Skippy is Nippy: For the Jr. Champion Puppy Trainers
If you love this book, they'll love this book.
 You have 3 options:
1) You read it to them.
2) They read it to you.
3) I'll read it to them via the video book feature.
This book covers:
1) Jumping
2) Nipping
3) Potty Training
4)Playing Best Practices
& so many other crucial concepts!
Win the Day-Win the Dog: The Champion Daily Regimen is straight GOLD!
Stop making your life harder than it has to be and jump on this webinar! You are fighting against universal puppy principles and concepts versus putting them to work for you!
If you are in puppy pain, I cover all major owner relief areas including: CHEWING, JUMPING, NIPPING, POTTY TRAINING #1, POTTY TRAINING #2, CRATE TRAINING, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AND SOOOO MUCH MORE!

Puppy Parables:  Tired of contradictory internet info?  
Want some knowledge instead?
 This is a short read (or listen via the audio version) that packs a punch. I've been in the trenches with owners of dogs with severe behavioral concerns that lacks the skill sets to thrive in this world.
Learn from their mistakes and make a couple adjustments in your ownership model to ensure your life is easier and your dogs life is better. 
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What People Are Saying:
Denise & Diesel
Denise already had a well trained adult lab.  She thought she could do it again. As a puppy Diesel was showing some alarming behaviors.  

Diesel started off on the wrong track and is now a breed ambassador! 
Diane & Cooper
A left over malnourished forgotten about runt of the litter or a Champion?   

Why don't we leave it up to Diane to decide. 

His body might have been dwarfed by his malnourishment, but his heart was channeled  and trained through play
Nora & Lulu
You get your puppy go to take it for a walk and it barks uncontrollably in a quiet neighborhood at 5:30am in the morning...

What would you do? 

See what Nora did!

This Course is Designed for the Busy Puppy Owner

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