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New Puppy Owner September October 2021 Bootcamp 
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If you have a new puppy you don't want to miss this!

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Due to the interactive nature of this program there are a limited number of students that can enroll. If this happens you can access the course material, but will have to wait until the follow month classes NO EXCEPTIONS.  New Owner Bootcamp typically fills up 1-2 weeks before start date (***Since Covid we have been filling up to 1 month prior***).

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ONE TIME OFFER: Add the commentary package to your course for personalized feed back on your training videos. Due to the time restraints this will only be offered to the first 15 students. If there is availability after sign up the regular price for video commentary is $98. THIS TRULY GETS YOU THE MOST VALUE OUT OF THE COURSE AND YOUR LIMITED TIME TO DEVELOP YOUR PUPPY.

Immediately upon purchase you will receive welcome videos, login credential,  class schedule,  app access and mailed the puppy playbook. 
So much more then a puppy training class
Order today and get my  $1,085 + valued course
for only $149!
  • ​180+ Puppy Training Videos/Audio Files: (norm $695)
  • ​14 Puppy Training Webinars: (norm $195)
  • ​Commentary: I will watch your training videos and give you step-by-step feedback. (Personal training advice with me is normally $$$$$$)
  • ​​The Puppy Playbook (delivered to your mailbox) (promo gift)
  • ​Champion Stances ebook/module
  • ​Skippy is Nippy: flip/video book (for the Jr. Puppy Trainers)
  • ​Puppy Parables: e/audio book
  • ​​Results Guaranteed: This system is tried and tested from thousands of successful, busy puppy owners just like you!
Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from attending the Bootcamp?
This course covers all things essential to you achieving the life you are envisioning with your new puppy.  This course dives deep into obedience, daily management, socialization & behavioral modification.   

The course strikes a great balance of being systematic, yet personalized for you and your new Champion's life! 
How much work is it, like how much time do I need to dedicate?
The first two weeks there is a decent amount of course content.

Here's the good news:
  • You only have to learn it once: after the initial two weeks your main focus will be on implementing and scaling what you now will know. 
  • You will see an immediate change:  My approach allows you to waste less time "dealing with you puppy" and actually creates the time you need to focus on the course content. 
  • The sooner the better: The sooner you get started the easier it is.  This isn't a "sign up now pitch."  It is just easier to create good habits versus breaking bad ones while creating good ones. 
  • ​It's worth it:  You will be happy you carved out a bootcamp phase in your ownership model versus giving a less than intense, non-systematic effort going it alone over a long drawn out period of time. 
I don't have my puppy yet?
Good! Get a game plan together in advance.  Cramming is better then winging it, but wouldn't you rather pace yourself with the course info?  Besides, hanging out with a group of Champion Puppy Owners "going through it" will give you a huge advantage when you do get your Champion home!  

You can still submit your questions and attend a future bootcamp month! You'll probably be the valedictorian!!
My dog is older?
If you have an adult dog that still has problematic puppy tenancies such as potty training, crate training, jumping, nipping, obedience etc... you will find tremendous benefit in this course.  
The scope of this course does NOT cover aggression. If you have an adult dog with a bite history this course will be very helpful, but this course is designed to prevent things like this from occurring in the future, not a game plan for after the fact.  
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Convenient App
& Expert Coaching 
The Perfect Combo for Results
  • The Champion Puppy Training System makes the most of modern day technology. Heck, with our busy pace of life an app is not just a nice convenience it is a necessity, because Champion Puppy Owners make time while the rest attempt to find time. 
  • Short videos, webinars, audio files and handouts are great, but with something as vital as your puppy's development I didn't want to leave anything up to chance. That is why we get together multiple times a week during your course. 
  • Your puppy and household requires more than the "same ole, same ole, punch the puppy training time clock, non-life skills rich, puppy training class!" Which is more than likely what your alternative is.  
  • ​Invest in your education and get ready to achieve a true Champion transformation! 

Why, The Champion Puppy Training "System?"
Because Systems Work!
The depth of my experience rapidly developing problematic puppies is like no other. With the help of my family we successfully transformed over sixty problematic puppies into Champions over two and a half years in my home. Given the pace of my day and other responsibilities I had to get my family involved in the process.
Under that pressure some true diamonds were made that I want to share with you:
  • Time Hacks: to get your life back to B.C. (Before your Champion)!
  • Scalable Models: so you can transition the daily care of your puppy of to the family!
  • Simple Graphs: that outline what success versus failure is!
  • Checklists: to ensure you are not leaving anything out of your puppy's training regimen to achieve responsiveness when it matters the most. 
  • ​​A step-by-step approach: to get out of the "puppy zone" and onto a more enjoyable life for all involved!
I'm not special and (kids, don't take this the wrong way) neither is my family! In fact, the Champion Puppy Training System has worked for thousands of families just like mine & yours. 
That is why I know it will work for you!
I am so confident that if you watch and implement all my material you will get the relief and results you are looking for.
If you consume and apply the course material and are not completely satisfied with your investment you can call for a full refund! 

Above & Beyond Training

My unique experience & insights gives you more than just a trainer
The only reason my experience matters to me is the results it will achieve for you!
I have been on a life journey to better understand "why..."
Why the disconnect with owners and dogs?  
  • Shelter: My journey started as a tried & true dedicated shelter volunteer in college. Although I received good grades, they definitely suffered so local dogs didn't have to. No matter how many dogs I would take out of their kennels or how many were adopted there were always more. To slow down that constant "flow" of dogs I became a trainer.  
  • Adult Dog Behavioral Trainer: That lead to 8 years of behavioral modification. Working with adult dogs who had issues I noticed a reoccurring theme: "he went to _________ and did great with his puppy training, but he is doing this _____________ (completely awful and easily avoidable thing). 
  • Puppy Training Specialist: Hearing that story over and over I decided to draw another line in the sand. I figured my best chance to make the biggest impact was with puppies. To date I have 7 years experience training specializing in puppies specifically. 
  • Boarding, Grooming, Daycare: ​Along my wife we have opened multiple award winning boarding, day care and grooming facilities. This gave me an even greater insight into canine social skills, how dogs need to be developed to thrive while being groomed, confinement acceptance and so many more life skills that are necessary to ensure life skills outside of the home. 
  • ​Industry Leader: ​I am called on constantly to present at industry conferences.  

I am a real person, with real puppy training experience and the infrastructure to support you, your puppy and your family.  I look forward to privilege of showing you "the way."  The way of the Champion Puppy Owner!

Pat Quinn
Creator & Founder
Champion Puppy Training System

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